Banana Bread.

So a few weeks ago my human mom came across a meme that she thought was so very true, at least here in Florida.
She waits for the bananas to turn yellow and then she turns around five seconds later and they are brown and squishy!!


Well  a comment on the photo that suggested making them into banana bread!  What an amazing idea!  Only, she don’t bake. folks.  She can cook, She’s an excellent cook, I think, well she has not killed anyone yet so…… but as far as baking that requires measuring stuff out and being fairly accurate when doing so, meh I don’t think she’s ever gotten into all of that.

So by googling easy banana bread, it brought her to this recipe.  seems easy enough!  oh and she has all the ingredients…. except for dang baking soda.  She has baking powder?  oh not the same thing?  crap ok.  Off to the store she went, mission in her head to use these bananas and not waste them.  Yes, I realize she probably spent more in gas to get to the store and back compared to the two bad bananas she was trying to save, but so what, she had a redbox to return anyways (which she forgot!!!!! ugh) . Off to the Hell also known as walmart!!


The ingredients don’t look so scary!  She can do this!!!


Here is the teaspoon of baking soda she made an extra trip to Hell-Mart for.  le sigh, I guess people have done more drastic things for a bit of white powder?  ;)~


All mixed up!!!  I promise I didn’t get any doggie hairs in there, no biggie.


….and 350 degrees and one hour later….

OCT13-2765 OCT13-2767

The bread is the bee’s knees!  To hear her screaming, “It’s edible!  I can eat this!!  It is sooooo YUMMY!  I’m so glad I stumbled across that meme on facebook.  This will be one for the recipe folder that is fo’ sure!” Really made me smile in the bestest doggy way.
Remember folks, She’s not a baker so the fact that this is edible in any way shape or form, and not hard as a hockey puck and sitting her  tummy and not in my doggie bowl is super amazing!!  She’s on a high right now, the good kind, not the illegal kind (refer to other white powder for that…..)


Look at that yummyness!  And the squishy raspberries added in on a whim really do enhance the flavor!  She can’t wait for the bananas to turn brown now!


Add a cup of O.J. and some butter and this made her one amazing lunch!!!!  whoot whoot!



7 thoughts on “Banana Bread.

  1. I am the opposite of your mom LOL I LOVE to bake but give me a piece of chicken to cook forget about it. Looks delicious 🙂

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