Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Halloween on the Horizon

Halloween on the Horizon

Mum is just getting into this WordPress world and somehow stumbled across a post for a weekly challenge.  This week the word is “Horizon”  The blogger defines the word as:  ” The space or line where the sky meets the earth.”  This is a good and dandy definition for the word but when she hears the word horizon she thinks of it as a timeline, such as an event is foreseen to happen on the horizon.  Her image for this weekly challenge is taken with that second definition in mind.  Halloween is on the horizon, tomorrow to be sure!  For us Floridians, this also means Fall is on the horizon.  Heck, we’ve already had a few days where we’ve been able to leave the windows open to allow the crisp cooler air to entire the home.  One day mum even left me outside all day while she went to work.  I think she felt bad though, because she came home and gave me a big huge huge.  Mum, I was fine.  It was only a high of 70 all day.  I laid out, listened to the birds, chased a few squirrels, barked, and slept.  You should forget to bring me in before you go to work more often!

Fall also means the holiday’s are on the horizon!  As soon as you turn around Thanksgiving will be here!  I’ve heard a lot about this holiday already, since my birthday seems to fall on Thanksgiving, its kind of a big deal!  *wink*  Mum is already making room for our big trip to Panama City with the family.  After Thanksgiving, it seems as if the biggest Holiday of all comes around!  Christmas.  I’m already excited about this holiday because I’m under the impression that it is pretty cool, presents, along with a little bit of worship!  Sounds fun!  Lot’s of good things on the horizon to look forward too!

What does the word Horizon mean to you?  Why not blog your own weekly challenge or just leave a photo on my Facebook page with the Horizon comment!


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