Long Time no SEE!

Sorry its been a few months since I’ve updated you on our life here.  We are all doing fine just crazy busy with the holidays,  Finally got some time to blog again.  Mum says wait until the kids go back to school but I’m going to try to get a little post up before they wake for the day.

First a little tidbit.  This year mum is doing something called Project Life so I’m going to take some snapshots of her album each week and blog it.  Hopefully that will keep me current on the goings on in our life to share with you guys.  Second she is again participating in a Project 52 from My Four Hens.  She did one two years ago and had a great time.  Since it will be more personal images vs her business shots she convinced me to blog them for her.  I think it will be fun!!  That’s all for now!  I hope everyone has a great Sunday and week ahead!  woof!

I’d love to catch everyone up on November real quick.  This month was crazy fun.  We all got together and went to Panama City.  We rented some rooms on the beach and despite the freezing temps, abnormally cold for this time of  year, dipping into the 30’s!!  I believe we had a great time!

Here are a few images from that trip.

Thanksgiving2013 1420101_622353717822354_993055282_n 1420316_625672510823808_999188659_n 1456136_623224917735234_903441498_n 1457897_614916728566053_1453561755_o 1460641_614806345243758_1137337918_o 1467759_624048207652905_1000464362_o 1468462_624550744269318_1142727251_o 1471676_622350287822697_1491806252_o 1473256_624110320980027_1058645175_o 1474816_622357171155342_594340979_n 1477098_625726197485106_1800355774_o 1477199_624070544317338_1701441016_o 1477531_626841380706921_456556134_n 1480834_623851784339214_741788021_o 1480897_623202327737493_1943422068_o 1484385_624989087558817_1858923882_o November13-3261 November13-3271 November13-3272 November13-3275 November13-3277 November13-3279 November13-3280 November13-3281 November13-3282 November13-3288 November13-3293 November13-3327 November13-3330 November13-3331 November13-3337 November13-3340

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