February Project Life

Mum absolutely is in LOVE with this project life deal!  I don’t know why she didn’t start this YEARS ago!  She wants to thank her Facebook friend for showing her about how awesome it is.

Here are her February layouts!

 Week 6 Week 6

Week 6 started off with a bang!  We got orders to move to North Carolina and this was the time to put our house up for sale!  No luck selling yet, but a perfect time to document our current home, while it is staged for online photos.

Brother Roy was also in the spelling bee!  Even though he got out on the first word he did amazing getting up there on stage!  Mum was very proud of him.  The weather also allowed for a short walk on the beach!  It was my first time on the beach, with the sand between my paws.  It was really odd, and I didn’t really like it much.  Maybe I will learn to like the beach here as I get to visit it more often?  We will see!

Week 7

week 7 week 7 week 7

Week 7 was the week of Valentines Day.  We got some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a small bit of candy!
Isabelle was also in a play where she was the “queen bee” Little Roy was sick and stayed home from school one day this week.

Week 8

week 9 week 9 week 9

Week 8 was a pretty slow week here in our house.  The kids had off school for a holiday and we just hung out in PJ’s and watched TV.  The weather was nice and we were able to take a few walks, one being to Sissy’s ballet practice at Gull Point.  Mum also finished watching the series Dexter.  Mum also tried some new recipes, one being sweet potato chips and dip.  It was a big hit with her and Sean.

Week 9

week 9 week 9 week 9

Week 9 started with a trip to see the Lego movie.  It was really cute from what I can tell.  The kids really enjoyed it.  I also got a bath this week and mum thought it was cute to take a photo of me with the bandana… not cool mum, not cool.
The kids had a “pizza party” one of their favorite weeknight dinners!  We also mailed grandpa Karen a birthday gift!  Mum works at an eye doctors office and this was the last week of the doctors employment with their company so they all went out and ate at Texas Roadhouse.


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