CVS easy deals week of June 15, 2014

Mum decided to start couponing again.  Help us all.

She said she isn’t going to go nuts and buy coupons like in the past or spend hours a week planning deals, but with today’s blogs and Facebook its super easy to print off a few coupons and run to the store for some easy savings.

This week she admits started with a complete fail.  She tried to do some Aveno deal but her CVS was out of the bars, and some flavored water, out, and some sort of 7up 10 deal but her CVS didn’t carry that type of soda.  She left on Sunday feeling upset and irritated.

Fast forward to this morning and since she needed to pick up some prescriptions anyways, she tried again.

This time SCORE! and everything went as planned, minus the Aveno bars and water and 7up.

She was able to get 2 sticks of deodorant and 2 tubes of toothpaste for $2.97 PLUS she has $4 in CVS Extra Care Bucks.


$2.97 OOP + $4/ECB

$2.97 OOP + $4/ECB

Split into two transactions as follows:

Transaction 1

Right Guard Xtreme Clear Deo
Right Guard Xtreme Clear Deo

on sale 2/$6

Use 2- $2 off 1 coupon found here (you can print twice)

OOP will be $2 plus tax (as you can see Sissy was with mum and snuck in some candy…hehe)

You will get a $2 ECB save that for the next transaction

Right Guard
Right Guard

Transaction 2

Be Crest Toothpaste $1 Q found Here
Crest Sensi Relief      $1 Q found here

these are on sale for $2.99 but they are not marked as such, but no worries they should still ring up


So you have $5.98-$2Q= $3.98-$2 ECB’s from previous transaction= $1.98

Here is where Mum got lucky, if you have a CVS account you can log in and add deals to your card.
One of those deals is $3 off $10 of toothpaste, somehow this added into her deal and took off the $1.98.  Mum didn’t realize it would have done this or she would have found another toothpaste item for $1.