Project 52 2014 with My Four Hens

Two years ago mum did a project 52 with a wonderful photographer, Sarah Cornish of My 4 Hens photography.  She truly inspires mum with her words and photographs.  Last year mum tried a different P52 and failed.  Now you can blame this on her lack of motivation, or how busy she was with her life…. but deep down you can totally blame it on the lack of connection within the other project.  This isn’t saying those involved in the failed P52 are not wonderful people, they are, but there was no personal connection there.  It is hard to explain unless you just jump right in and experience the personal connection of M4H yourself!

Now mum is not a woman of many words.  So I will try to explain her vision of the theme… however feel free to ask questions if you need further explanation.  Also remember she got behind a few weeks so some of these are not truly with the week of the theme, they may have happened before/after, but what matters in the end is the completion of the project and if she falls off the wagon, to jump back on and catch up!!  So far so good!  Check back from time to time when she adds new photos for the week!

Week 14 | Radiate

Spring.  In all her glory!  A fresh rain, A fresh flower, Radiates Spring.

Week 13 | Vast

The ocean.  The world.


Week 12 | Blue

Ocean meets Sky.


Week 11 | Patterns

Nature is all patterns.


Week 10 | Soft

Here I am!  On Mums blog.  I’m soft here, in more ways then one!


Week 9 | Color Blind

Here is Sean, a child, so innocent to the ways of separation based on color.  So lucky, to be blind.


Week 8 | Bright

doh! here I am again!  Bright Light, soft and calm.

Week 7 | Focused

FEB14-4341edit 2
Mum has not been shooting this year for others, however she had some baby plans to complete, focused to make these sessions amazing here she is practicing with Isabelle.

Week 6 | Paradise 

Bacon.  Need I say more?

Week 5 | Noise

Winter Noise.

Week 4 | Joy

JAN14-3952PS 2
Backstory: I live in Florida. Yesterday we saw this funny white stuff falling from the sky. Much to my surprise I jumped and loudly yelled “Snow!!!” The kids were in school, so I grabbed the camera and tried to capture this rare sight, only to catch “SLEET” coming down. I put on my macro filters and snapped this little guy. I think he looks like a turtle, an ice turtle, but many think frog! It was really a joyous time, seeing snow in Florida!

Week 3 | Inside

Its been very cold here lately.  What to do? Bake a cake INSIDE of course, for breakfast!

Week 2 | Imperfect

We are all perfectly Imperfect. Power of Prayer.

Week 1 | Reflection

Looking back at the previous year, reflecting on all our blessings.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie!

The Daily Post @ weekly photo challenge is Eerie!  What a great theme coming off of Halloween.  Here is a photo of the ‘Sis, with some cool textures added.  It looks a little eerie, with her desaturated skin, the texture of the background and flowers.

I hope you like it!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Halloween on the Horizon

Halloween on the Horizon

Mum is just getting into this WordPress world and somehow stumbled across a post for a weekly challenge.  This week the word is “Horizon”  The blogger defines the word as:  ” The space or line where the sky meets the earth.”  This is a good and dandy definition for the word but when she hears the word horizon she thinks of it as a timeline, such as an event is foreseen to happen on the horizon.  Her image for this weekly challenge is taken with that second definition in mind.  Halloween is on the horizon, tomorrow to be sure!  For us Floridians, this also means Fall is on the horizon.  Heck, we’ve already had a few days where we’ve been able to leave the windows open to allow the crisp cooler air to entire the home.  One day mum even left me outside all day while she went to work.  I think she felt bad though, because she came home and gave me a big huge huge.  Mum, I was fine.  It was only a high of 70 all day.  I laid out, listened to the birds, chased a few squirrels, barked, and slept.  You should forget to bring me in before you go to work more often!

Fall also means the holiday’s are on the horizon!  As soon as you turn around Thanksgiving will be here!  I’ve heard a lot about this holiday already, since my birthday seems to fall on Thanksgiving, its kind of a big deal!  *wink*  Mum is already making room for our big trip to Panama City with the family.  After Thanksgiving, it seems as if the biggest Holiday of all comes around!  Christmas.  I’m already excited about this holiday because I’m under the impression that it is pretty cool, presents, along with a little bit of worship!  Sounds fun!  Lot’s of good things on the horizon to look forward too!

What does the word Horizon mean to you?  Why not blog your own weekly challenge or just leave a photo on my Facebook page with the Horizon comment!