Sick Day. oh Joy! Tips for Treating a Child with a Cold or Flu

Today started really early when I was awaken from my cozy bed around 5am by the sounds of my Sissy crying.  Then she got sick.  Everywhere.  Then the oldest brother woke up, and also got sick.  It was a super fun morning for me, I don’t think my mom has even fed me yet, as she’s been busy washing, catching, and trying to prevent puke all morning.

Mom decided to keep both kids at home today.

When do you keep your children at home?  She found some helpful hints online and would like to share a list with you.

Fever of over 100 degrees
Symptoms which prevent normal actives such as:
excessive cough, headache, sore throat,

It looks like we will be staying home tomorrow as well as the guidelines for sending children back to school are 24 hours fever free WITHOUT the use of medications.

The first question that usually runs through any parents mind is, “Is this the flu or just a cold?”  There are a few ways to tell.  As always, please consult your doctor with any medical advice and/or questions, remember I’m just a dog……

According to WebMd, a cold usually starts with a mild sore throat that is bothersome for a few days, along with feeling tired or run down, but then goes away on its own.    A fever is not common with a cold, but a low grade temp is possible, especially in younger children.
The flu, however, comes on strong, with more severe symptoms then a cold, a high fever, intense headache, body aches, and chills.  With some flu strains vomiting and diarrhea can also occur, especially with the swine flu.   This can lead to dehydration, which is serious and may need to be seen by a doctor for IV fluids.   You may start to feel better after 2-5 days, but full recovery can take weeks.  Another side illness of the flu is pneumonia. This is a serious complication for the young, elderly, or those that are immune compromised.  If you notice the return of a fever after not having one for two or more days, and shortness of breath, this is a sign of pneumonia.

Here is a great flu vs cold chart!

How can you prevent cold and flu virus in your home?

Proper hand washing lasts for at least 20 seconds, sing the A,B,C’s or Happy Birthday.  Make it FUN!  There are so many inexpensive soaps that make hand washing something kids love to do!!

#2  Teach your children to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough!
Sneeze into your sleeve!  or Tissues!!

#3  Please, don’t smoke around your children (or pets) Its just not nice.

#4  Follow up and after care!
After they feel better, remember to wash all clothing and sheets in hot water, sanitize all surfaces, and if possible air out the room.
Don’t forget to clean door knobs, toilet bowl handles and REMOTE CONTROLS!!

I hope this post was helpful!  Please share your tips in the comment section.  Sharing is caring, except in the case of cold and flu germs!  Keep those to yourself!  😉

So what do we do when we have a sick day?  well take photos of course!